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On Setting Goals and Completing Them

This is a loose write-up of how I get things done. It was inspired by my recent need to organize my goals and dreams. :)

      Last summer I had so many wild goals and I ended up getting hella depressed and only finishing some of them. My big problem with having so many was that I couldn’t do them all well, or at all, and this realization made me feel like a failure; I certainly wasn’t focusing on my wins (like squatting 315 for five easy, cruising the Mediterranean, and landing a few Hackathon wins, for example). Scheduling wasn’t my style and I am easily distracted by the things that I want to do, which is the reason I never learned how to wavedash with Falco in Melee but did complete my React Native app from scratch. I realized later that my goals haved to be pared down to something more reasonable, and they needed to be more measurable.

      I also realized that my goals and dreams come and go - only some stick. No longer am I interested in becoming good at Melee, but I do still dream to become fluent in Italian (sta andando bene finora). If I could cut down on my goals, I would be able to succeed more and get more meaningful work done - less stress and less depression. Clearly the goals I should focus on are the ones that stuck for so long.

      Even the dreams that stuck around for so long grew in number, and I had to cut them down. I started to jot down everything in a notebook, divided into four categories:

what I gotta do

  • work full-time (for Triage)
  • school
  • learn and practice Italian
  • exercise
    • sports
    • gym
    • running –> new to 2018 :’)

what I really should do

  • improve my networking skills –> overcome my shyness tbh
  • learn actual business knowledge for a cafe
  • improve my career skills
    • research
    • DB, backend, infrastructure and architecture tech. stuff

what I wanna do

  • become sick at Splatoon 2
  • open a mobile cafe
  • more consisten content production
  • think about moving out
  • build Cupped

loose ideas

  • work remotely
    • Italy
    • coasts of Canada
  • travel
    • sneak down to Bhutan
    • see what’s good down in Chile

      I supposed the above are subject to change, but at least I managed to get some organization in. My biggest goal, becoming fluent in Italian, is thrown into what I gotta do in order to force myself to work on it consistently - questo è il modo migliore per migliorare! I think each bullet here should have dedicated time that is scheduled relatively rigidly.

      The bullets under what I really should do must also be respected, but are much looser than obligations. I feel that what is listed is crucial to my success, but are not largely time sensitive at the moment. A lot of the bullets in what I wanna do could be slotted in or out of what I should do as well. These two groups should be scheduled time, but not specific time for each bullet. There should be a priority on what I should do, but this could be tough to follow since they are certainly less interesting than grinding X rank in Splatoon 2.

      Many of the bullets in what I wanna do are such loose ideas that I wasn’t sure where they should go; some of them blend in with normal resting time anyways. I think this group is the most fluid and is mostly passion-based. To be honest I have the biggest problem with this group since I tend to find passion for something and want to put my all into it, so at any given time I might consider one of these ideas a priority. As mentioned before, I think I should schedule some time for these bullets so I keep them moving along and to keep my passion and interests high.

      My loose ideas are that and no more. I tend to daydream a lot and many of my dreams may end up here, and eventually manifest into something more specific or realistic.

      Another problem that I had before was measuring progress in my goals. Some goals are more obviously measurable, such as lifting more or running faster further, while others are not. How do I measure my skills in learning Docker? I think my best answer for now is to try and find milestones where I can, such as using Docker for Cupped, and where I can’t, focus on consistency. An easily forgotten accomplishment is maintaining consistency, assuming your time is well spent. If I can consistently practice speaking Italian with friends, I know I will start to see improvements.

      The last important thing I need to remember is that by even thinking this much about all this garbage, I am probably a little further ahead in the game. I want to continue to dream big, not be afraid of any goal, and continue to better myself. This being said, I must take care of my mental health. My mental well-being has been so tightly linked with my achievements over my life (Gold Medal boyz) but I need to remember that it doesn’t mean everything; however, I think this mindset can also help you be competitive and accomplish much more in life. Time for relaxation and reflection has become something I value very much, and I prioritize extremely highly in my life.

I actually wrote this out.