Cozy Boy with cozy thoughts


Hello, it's me! I'm Andrew McCann - a Canadian day-dreamer and software engineer.

Pic of me

I listen to a lot of music and drink a lot of good coffee. I love fashion, despite what people might think of my own style. I recently got my nose pierced. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions to share with you; the most important one being that spiders have no place in the home. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything and I am certainly not married to my ideas.

I currently develop at Triage, helping to end preventable deaths from skin cancer by making screening instant, affordable, and universally accessible.

Some interesting facts about me

  • I consistently won the 50m sprint and long jump events in elementary school track meets
  • I have held a conversation with Rob $tone
  • I designed a t-shirt that is sold at Exile in Kensington Market
  • I have come really close to a male moose during mating season
  • I won the Gold Medal

Come see me here

  • Twitter — my Twitter is actually my computer simulating my thoughts
  • GitHub — some of my projects are here, including this blog
  • Instagram — pics of my travels